February 21, 2007

Welcome SophX 2007!

Wecome parents and students visiting the blog for the first time. This site will be the portal for all the excitement before, during and after the Sophomore Cooperative Learning Expedition 2007!
To get things started here are some downloads that might be helpful. We sent home the gear list and health update form in the mail and gave the gear list again to the students, but just in case they went missing they are available for download.

We'll have a lot more here including updates on the course preparations, pictures and messages from students in the field and of course the slideshow at the end of the expedition.If you're interested to see what last year was like click on the SophX 2006 link over on the right!

Please note that it's important to make sure your child returns from spring break with all the clothing on the gear list. Please contact Hans Mundahl at (603) 677 - 3572 if you have any questions!

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