March 6, 2007

Just when you thought SophX was hard core

A group of five Europeans are planning to ski across Svalbard in the Norwegian arctic. They'll be starting soon and actually ending up their trip at the same time we'll be on expedition! They call themselves the Frozen Five and have a blog they will be updating during their trip by satelite phone! Check it out!

Why are they doing this? One of their expedition members answers this question:

"Interesting question, but I guess one of the important reasons is that I like to challenge myself. Life is boring without challenges, and projects such as these really make you excited for years. The fact that I love to ski, camp in the snow and experience something different is also important. The brilliant timing of the coinciding IPY has added a further dimension, the ability to inspire the next generation of scientists and bridge the gap between us and the general public, something I, as a scientist, feel strongly about."

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