April 21, 2006

Peaked Hill Fire

Hiking on the hill today we saw a lot of smoke from what I think is Peaked Hill in Bristol. Turns out there was a 15 acre fire burning on the hill.There was a helicopter running trips from the fire down to the Pemi to tank up on water. Despite my best efforts I couldn't get a picture in which the helicopter was visible.

Later today we heard of a fire on 93 probably caused by a cigarette. It has been really dry here this spring. Not much snow and next to no rain. It would be pretty bad if we had a fire on Burleigh, we'll have to be extremely careful during community service this weekend.

We were up on the mountain today checking out the trail that runs up to the old lift shack. It's a legit trail! The boys did a fine job cutting a clear path, weaving around obstacles and finding it's way quite esthetically to the old lift shack. Personally I don't like that name - I think we should call it the Hermitage in honor of the retreat it could become. Part of me will miss the adventure of blundering around in the woods trying to find it, but the trail is so nice that hopefully more people will be able to check out this piece of history. Eventually it would be great to move the engine out and create a spot where we could sit, reflect and ponder our place in the world. Potentially we could also continue the trail from there up to the summit.

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