February 21, 2007

what's happening?

A few things are happening... I've been working on ideas for an adventure day camp to eventually take place on Burleigh. As well as it looks like the gear room is getting a face lift during spring break. Imagine walking into a room filled with outdoor gear, well organized (I just mean nothing lounging around on the floor) and stored on shelves that do not sag or slant... I'm actually pretty excited to help out with that project. I've also being talking with some of the staff here at New Hampton and seeing what this school is all about.

Which brings me to the topic that I'm finally figuring out my way around the school. I'm not used to being at a high school with seperate buildings. I went to a small Catholic school in the shape of a cross, so as you may imagine it was easy to locate everything.

As in life, every day is something new-I'll write again soon.

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