May 3, 2007

Adventure Clinic #3

Last saturday was the third Adventure Clinic on Burleigh (look, no snow!). We had a great turn out including many parents. This guy loved to climb but was mostly in it for the big swing!

I was very pleased at the work our students did to make the event run smoothly and Ms. Freeborn is learning 'the ropes' quite nicely!
My only complaint is that it is a pretty short program, only three hours or so. Next summer we're hoping to start our adventure day camp so that would give us some time to really teach some skills and explore some more difficult challenges.

The advantage for me personally as a practitioner of these short programs is that I feel I have the belay school and warm up activities down pretty well. Here we are testing the belay device. Yeah - I think it will hold one person if it can hold all these folks!

Nice job everyone! If you would like to sign up for next time here's the link to the TTCC. There is also a nice gallery of pictures from the Adventure Clinic and actually all the projects that NHS students did on this past Saturday over at the NHS website.

Dave and Russ and their crew also busted a move and are relocating the fire ring to a flat dry section of Burleigh. What a concept. Here they are moving a log to retain the gravel.

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