April 30, 2007

counting the days

As everyone is counting the days to SophX, I am counting the days to graduate college (19 more to go!). I wish I could participate in the expedition and I wish even more so that my high school had done a sophx trip, instead of the one night overnight retreats we got to take where we discussed our feelings about religion (not that I have anything against that, it just would have been nice to have gone backpacking).

I am also finishing my days here at New Hampton. So, now I can say what I officially did with my time. I created a potential summer program for an adventure day camp that could run on Burleigh. I walked back and forth to the gear room and helped get all the gear together for the expedition. I also spent time working on a paper about experiential learning.

In the next few days I am here I will be conquering my fear of public speaking by quickly speaking at a faculty meeting and I will be finishing up everything I have started. I've had a great time, worked with some great people and definitely have a much better perspective into what I want to do in the future now with a degree in Adventure Education.

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