July 5, 2007

Risk Management

I was getting ready for our Risk Management Committee and received this reply from Steve at PSU.

"There is always risk, risk in trying, risk in failing, risk in succeeding, the question lies in what risk is educationally just, and which is folly. Which risk could lead toward breakthrough, and which risk only opens up chaos to dance too close?

At the end of the day a dead child lies at our feet can we justify this risk to ourselves and to his or her parents? As the risk takers/educators I believe we are better suited for this job now more than ever and that is simply because we have kids of our own. Outside of our own ego, decision calculations must be made on a daily basis. This critical analysis of the everyday I believe sets us aside from the typical single, no strings attached, adventure person. Why would anyone want someone making critical decisions when they are not attached? Query that, Skywalker."

Great perspective and a humbling one as well.


  1. Hans, great to read your blog too. Some great links that I would never have found too. You might find this article interesting on risk from the UK outdoor learning aspect.


    If link doesnt work look at my post Risk Business and follow comments.

    Look forward to continuing reading of your blog and thanks for advice on the video thing.

  2. Great article - thanks Bill! I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to staying in touch!