April 4, 2007

Welcome to Revisit Day!

“The top ten occupations of 2010 have not been created yet.”
- Richard Riley former US Secretary of Education

The Experiential Learning Program at New Hampton School focuses on skills, activities and values that will help students prepare for the exciting opportunities emerging in their future.

Global Approach
On the Junior Urban Adventure students ask questions that matter to themselves, their communities and ultimately the earth. Through hands on experiences and research with primary sources in Boston students ultimately answer their questions and share their learning with others.

Local Application
On Burleigh Mountain students apply their learning to real world problems. Biology, math, physics, service and leadership take on tangible meaning in an applied setting. This year students mentored youth, studied forest ecology, tested gravity and air resistance, computed inferential distances and built sledding trails to name a few projects.

Purposeful Exploration
Programs like the Sophomore Expedition take students out of their comfort zones to learn more about themselves, their peers and the challenges they must face in life together. For five days students backpack, live, eat, navigate and lead together, not to demonstrate physical prowess but rather to discover that there is more in each of us than we really know.

Thanks for listening! We hope you have an excellent Revisit Day - we would love to see you in the Fall!

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