May 18, 2006

We survived the rain!

Despite record rains we survived pretty well. Culverts overflowed both at the Alpine Tower and down at the gate. I'm thinking they are either too small or now too clogged to be of much use in heavy rain like we had. In both places the stream was flowing across the roadway and it was difficult to see much flowage through the culvert itself.

Our stalwart neighbor Carl called to report that a fair bit of gravel had washed from our shared access road / driveway into the street. Carl is great - he has been Burleigh Mountain's neighbor for many years and is very supportive of adventure and environmental programs.

We dump the gravel and sand on our shared access road and he grades it out and takes care of the road. I'm hoping to stop by and see him soon and check in on the rain damage. We'll have to think about replacing those culverts and doing some road work soon.

I've had a couple of recent conversations with locals who are involved in a variety of interesting projects or who have passions that sound exciting to tap into. I'm curious about how to involve them in Burleigh and how to share their energy and ideas with our students.

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