May 14, 2006

Rainy Day Woodmakers

I'm intrigued by the convergence of 'want to' and 'have to' and how relationships and meaning making come together to make an experience.

Today Brendan and Joe busted their chops splitting, loading and stacking wood in a total downpour that is causing floods in some areas of New Hampshire and caused the culverts on Burleigh to overflow and the streams to run across the road. Brendan is working to complete his senior leadership project and Joe has work hours. So they both had to be there today. But something about the weather, the task and the sheer adversity of it had them charged up. Plus the task will translate directly to maple syrup next spring and happy freshmen next fall!

Here is the report Brendan prepared after their work:

"Today I Brendan and Joe worked hard on Burleigh Mountain. It started out as just a cold day and some wind. It had been a good start to chopping and stacking wood. Then after breakfast it started to rain. The rain started out slow and got harder and harder as time went on. Joe and I, though, did not let the rain stop us from working hard moving the wood to the trailer. Then after all this chopping and moving, we brought it to Burleigh Mountain. This is where we saw things turn for the worst. We started to stack the wood that we had brought up to the Mt. While we were doing this, Burleigh Mountain slowly turned into Burleigh Swamp. Joe and I, though, kept working hard till it was all done. At the end of it all we felt great because of what we did."

Thank you for your work!

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  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    joe is looking good in that pic but what eles is new he always looks good