May 21, 2006

Sophomores Depart on SophX 2006

I know it's not strictly about Burleigh Mountain but I couldn't resist posting some pictures here of our sixth annual Sophomore Cooperative Learning Expedition! Here's Caitlyn trying out her sleeping bag - looks warm!
First thing Saturday morning Dave, Cadyn and I brought all the gear to the lower gym. That's nine groups of tents, sleeping bags, camping pads, bagels, macaroni & cheese, bug nets and something like 400 granola bars!On Saturday our teachers and a professional wilderness instructor (hired for each group to bring wilderness first aid training and outdoor skills to the table), prepped all the gear and set up our new Marmot Halo 4 tents. Note the camping pads and blue student journals laid out for each student to pack into their pack.

It was great that during our prep day a tour of alumni came through - it's reunion weekend. Turns out one of the alums helped start the rock climbing club in 1971 on 60' crags within walking distance of the school. Not only were they excited to see the tradition of adventure still continues - we will be scouting out in the woods to find back this amazing hidden crag!
At last on Sunday morning the students arrive! There was excitement, energy and a little bit of nervousness and fear too. Staff were psyched to hit the trail with our students. But first some important gear and safety checks. Here are some students meeting their gear for the first time.

Jayne and Travis are reviewing important safety protocols before heading into the field. What to do in a lightning storm and if you find yourself lost and alone in the woods are topics covered in detail before students hit the trail. Jayne is holding the group journal. A trove of stories, daily reports, job rotations and reflections, this running account of trips is added to by new groups each year.

Meaghan, a professional wilderness instructor from Maine goes through the clothing list with Katina and Nicoya, checking their gear and helping them pack their backpack.At last students are ready to depart! Best of luck to all the campers, staff and senior leaders on the 2006 Sophomore Cooperative Learning Expedition. Stay tuned to this site for more updates and pictures!

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  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Great job to all the sophomores today - great duffle shuffle and smooth departure. Good luck this week!