May 22, 2006

Late Arrivals Heading Into the Field

The sophomore expedition is a required part of the NHS curriculum. That being said we make every effort to accommodate students with different physical abilities, levels of personal challenge and experience in the outdoors. This year we have a group of eight students with a faculty leader and a senior leader who are not hiking due to their physical abilities but who are still challenging themselves to the max in ways that are safe for them.

We also have to balance lots of different schedules. This year we had three students with family commitments this past weekend. Thanks to our intern and a student's advisor we are able to hike them into their group early this morning. Here are Jen and her advisee Matt as they prepare to hike in to meet their group early this morning. Jen is holding their map and Matt has his (currently) light pack. He'll pick up group gear and food when he rejoins his crew.

Kayla and Ben came in this morning at 6:00 to pack their bags and drive with our intern Cadyn up to the trail head. The three of them hiked in to meet Laurel who was hiking out to meet them. By mid day they will be rejoined with their group and well on their way to their next camp.

I have to admit that during the expedition I become shamelessly superstitious about the weather. I also constantly check the weather online. I believe channel 9 reported snow above 2000 feet in the White Mountains! We ask every student to bring long jons, hat, mittens, fleece sweaters and wool socks. Many students question this requirement while they are at school, but I'll bet they were happy about it this morning!

If you are a weather junkie like I am you can click on the link in the right hand column labeled "SophX Weather" to get updates on how things are looking.

Stay tuned here for more updates as I know more.

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