May 22, 2006

Fresh Snow Slows Hikers

According to reports I've received today from the field about an inch and a half of snow fell above the 2000' mark. That put only one or two groups in the snow zone as most groups were just getting started yesterday.

Darren's group decided to backtrack a bit lower in the valley today and warm up and prepare to push over the Franconia Ridge tomorrow in warmer conditions. A great move - I love it when groups can adjust their route and plan to do what is right for the whole group. This kind of initiative reveals a real care for students and a great plan to continue for the rest of the week.

Ted and Jaffrie's group was on track and heading over the dramatic and beautiful peaks of Flume and Liberty. We had to bring a student out of this group who was suffering from bad migrain headaches. This student is now feeling better and will be joining the alternative group tomorrow morning.

Laurel's group spent some time with Cadyn our intern from PSU who is conducting a review of safety policies for our Risk Management Committee. They are doing well and hiking strong.

Here is a picture I took today from the Lincoln Woods trailhead - it was a chilly day but the sun came out a few times while I was up there.

That's all I know for now - I'll keep you posted as I know more!

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