March 21, 2006

Wood and More Wood

I Spent an enjoyable 45 minutes last night getting my father in law's chainsaw stuck in the logs yesterday. No actually I did manage to cut a good number of chunks to be split but I had a rather steep learning curve and I'm sure I'll still be working to figure it out.

Here's the good stuff:

This is the stack I was working on yesterday. Sarah pointed out that the snow was keeping some of the logs off the ground which would make them easy to cut so I had better get on it while the snow was around.

This is the second, and larger, stack. We should have a good bit of firewood here!


  1. HappyPig1:38 PM

    Ah, back in my day, Hans wouldn't hesitate to use a huge, non-OSHA approved rotating blade of death on these logs. Has he gone soft?

  2. Wait - who says I didn't!