March 20, 2006

Good News and Bad News

Well, the bad news is we didn't get to maple sugaring this year. A bunch of things worked against us. I probably should have given the project to Dave who would have been able to run with it better than I could have this year. Admissions was super busy running up to our deadline and I just didn't have the time. Plus we didn't have the evaporator up to speed, any fire wood, etc.

Which leads me to the good news. Last week a tree crew was on campus cleaning up some big pines that were hanging dangerously over some campus buildings and roadways. They also were scheduled to take down a tree behind our dorm. So I asked Bob and the tree crew if it wouldn't be too much trouble to leave me the tree so I could cut it up and have Brendan chop the wood for his senior leadership project. I was expecting maybe a trouck load of wood at the end. Well they ended up downing about 10 trees, limbing them and leaving them to me for fire wood! Wow - I think it will be a lot of wood for us.

So now there is a pile of logs on the basketball court and another pile near where we park the car. It was a little more work than I was expecting, but with Brendan and Dave's help I think we should be good on wood for a while. I'll post pictures when I get the chance (and after we've done some work and have something to show for it!).

Kind of bitter sweet - I would have loved to boil this year, just another indication that I've got a bit too many things on my plate. Looking forward to better things next year - we'll certainly have enough fire wood!

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