March 10, 2006

OHR's Retired

Here are a few pictures of all that is left of the old high ropes course. That's Adam in the foreground and you can see cables coming down out of the trees and into the underbrush. After we took these pictures we cut the cables back with bolt cutters and lashed them to the tree so they wouldn't be a hazard for anyone who might be traveling in this, albeit out of the way, area.

I just heard from a friend of mine at an organization where I used to work. They had a whole course they called the OHR for Old High Ropes. It was a great old course built in trees. There was one massive program that I was working and I had to sit in the zip line platform the entire day and work participants through - maybe 100 zips that day! No - that must be an exageration. But I do remember it being a scorching day and I was enjoying life up in the trees in the shade. I guess they just retired and removed that old zip line.

Our old course even had a climbing wall. This is the back side, the front still has some teak or mahogany holds bolted to it. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how it was belayed. There wasn't a cable up above it in the trees. Maybe they just threw a rope over the top and belayed from the other side?

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