January 25, 2006

Burleigh vs. Vail?!

So with midwinter break coming up and the big NHS Vail trip let's just say that tension is running a bit high back on campus. Some faculty and students are heading to Vail to go skiing and riding in a few days. We hardy flannel wearing, pine board skiing, birch bark gnawing, bamboo pole using, 'packed powder' shusshing hard men and women back east know a good time when we see it - don't ski Vail this break - ski Burleigh! Holly posted this on the school email the other day - thanks for that!

After so many responses to the ski report sent out late last night, there has been a Concord Trailways bus reserved for late Thursday morning. All teachers (suckers) that have to cover classes for our beloved Vail participants can pick up their complimentary All-Day ski passes to Burleigh in the College Counseling office Wednesday afternoon (there is no need to meet the bus at 5 am). Please RSVP to ABC for hot chocolate and refreshments at his house following a day on the slopes.
Weather Report:
Burleigh Mountain has 6" of fresh powder and 1 trail open.
No lift lines. Great views of the Alpine Tower. No need for trail maps. Boiled hot dogs after each run.

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