February 11, 2006

Winter Carnival Hike

For the first time ever we included a hike to Burleigh during Winter Carnival. Now although there weren't technically any medals on the line I would have to say the Junior class dominated with their numbers, enthusiasm and the gusto with which they tucked into the s'mores. Also Paul and Brendan represented the Freshman and Sophomore classes.
Kate also brought her whole family along on the hike. It was a real treat to see her sisters hike to the top of the ski trail and then continue on to the very summit of Burleigh! And SeiWan was an honorary family member for the day. I think they even encouraged the junior boys to push on to the top simply by having done it themselves!
There was a couple of crusty inches on the ground - not even enough to cover up the stumps of brush we cut in the fall - but much more snow than on the south facing aspects on campus.

It was fun for me to see our students coming up to the mountain and just enjoying themselves, goofing around the fire and telling tall tales. No plans, no agendas, no learning goals. Refreshing. I love Burleigh - and I don't think we even use it to 10% of what we could be.

Paul and Brendan were stout fire starters and the rest of the crew earned the grub on their hike. Now I should admit that I couldn't find marshmallows anywhere - seems they don't stock them around these parts in the winter! So I had to go with Pop-Tarts in the s'mores flavor. Oh well, not quite authentic!

There have been a lot of parents on campus for winter carnival and a hockey family weekend. I enjoy seeing our students in the context of their parents. Sometimes I forget that the students I try earnestly to work with as young adults are also their parent's little babies. I been touched especially recently by watching dads and their daughters horse around, play together and have real relationships with each other.

After everyone else had left, Paul and Brendan and I stared at the fire. I really like those guys and I'm glad they made it. Just when I was starting to worry about the dog, Daisy comes trotting out of the woods. We hiked out by lantern light - great night on the mountain!

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