January 10, 2006

Prelude to syrup

Russ and I made it up to the mountain today to finally identify some sugar maple trees. I couldn't find Bob - and Dave has been feeling sick for a few days so he didn't make it. It was great to have Russ along - I'd have been lost without him. I was looking apraisingly at one tree and I caught Russ chuckling to himself. Turns out I was studying an oak. Hmmm - anyway we tagged some trees to tap this spring.
We figure if we tag a bunch of trees we can get a bunch to pick from. I think we can handle about six to eight good flowing taps with the size evaporator we are going to build. Not very much but enough to get the idea, have some fun and get some product!

Here is the old barrel stove I found on Burleigh that I think we can convert into an evaporator.

Bob was saying they are going to take down a tree behind our house. If I can get a couple of students to work up some fire wood I think we might be in business! None of the trees have been tapped before so if we hit them right we should have a good run.

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  1. What a great idea to find and tap trees on Burleigh! Sounds like a fun Hans and Russ adventure on the snowy mountain side. Keep the posts coming... they are great to read. Photo posts are great for us visual learners.