December 8, 2008

Banff Bad Mountain Movies

I really have enjoyed the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Not that I've been to Banff, but the traveling 'best of' show has come to New Hampshire and I've gone the last few years. Its an amazing collection of great mountain movies and I really recommend it.

A while back I started wondering what my favorite bad mountain movies were. These are mostly Hollywood productions that attempt to use rock climbing or mountaineering as a vehicle to spin some sort of a yarn. Usually the films fail to portray mountaineering well, and usually don't do a good job of telling the story either. And yet, I can't help but loving these movies!

In homage to these bad films and to the Banff Mountain Film Festival I put together this 'best of the worst.' I hope you enjoy.

Strangely enough the editor of the real Banff trailer found it and left some positive comments. That just totally and completely made my day.

Update 1/16: The person who edits the real Banff Trailer isn't a 'guy,' my apologies!
Update 1/30: I had a very nice email exchange with Shannon from the Banff Center who let me know that Jacques Blackstone, the composer of the theme music for the Banff trailer is okay with my unlicensed use of his music in my spoof trailer. How crazy is that? Run, don't walk, to his Web site and buy some of his music now!


  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Thought you might like to know that the 'guy' who edited the 2008/2009 trailer in Banff is no guy at all!

    Great job on your spoof video. We're checking with the composer to ensure there is no sesitivity around unlicensed use of the music, and we'll get back to you.

  2. Whoops, my apologies!

    No kidding, thanks for checking with the composer. I will be pleased to honor his or her wishes and remove the music if that is their wish.