February 5, 2008

If I don't post again send out the rescue dogs

I think we're getting buried in! This pictures is from my office looking out the window. Pretty impressive even though this is largely from snow sliding off the roof. If it keeps on like this I'll have to shovel myself out.

I was up on the mountain a few days ago before this snow and really enjoyed getting up. I'm making some changes in my job description here at the school, mostly shedding the summer program directorship, to allow myself more time to focus on experiential learning. My major focus for 2008-9 will be Burleigh!

Our snow cave from a few weeks ago fell in when we had that warm weather and rain.

Woodpeckers have been active on this pine tree, must be termites inside.

The yurts shed their snow too, looking good, although the lower yurt will need a new stove pipe. I think I'll pull the one out of the A-frame and bring it down.

I hiked up to the summit and then sledded down - scary good! This isn't what I looked like when I crashed on the bottom! Just loafing around on the summit.


  1. Wow so much snow. Hope you didn't need rescue. We are having our usual swings of temperature here in Scotland, so the snow comes and then goes on a regular basis. Keep posting the pics they are great to see. Haven't made it to the mountains for a while but will be in Cairngorms soon to run a course.

  2. I'll keep the pictures coming! I'll bet temperature swings is good for the ice formation though.

    Keep us posted on the Cairngorms trip!