February 19, 2008

Another White Mountain rescue

This time a happy ending as two Virginia hikers were found in the Presidential range. I wonder who tracks incident data for the White Mountain National Forest? Surely the US Forest Service must? It would be interesting to see the user numbers and incident numbers as we do for our programs.

I was thinking of publishing some of our most recent risk management data, especially as our five year anniversary of Alpine Tower programs comes up.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. You know... there once was a man named David Dernbach (Randolph, NH) who turned me onto a book about mishaps and harrowing tales of Mt Washington. 'been such a long time since hearing his stories that I struggled to recall a name close enough to stir anything on Google or Amazon though.

    There is relative history of incidents on the Range kept by the Observatory however:


    Reminds us all to keep our wits!

  2. Thanks for this link - the book you are looking for wasn't 'Not Without Peril' was it?

  3. Ah.... phenomenal. It was, thankyou.

  4. No worries! I was so pleased to be in a comfy chair in a warm room when I read that book.