January 16, 2008

Slipping into Reporter Mode

I'm slipping a bit into reporter mode this morning, I don't have mental space to reflect right now. I'm going to take another look at Tom and Noelle's presentations from yesterday to recapture some of the aha moments for me and share that back when I have some space.

For now I wanted to report on yesterday, here's the basic agenda.
We looked at overview of the project, overview of network building tools, then specific tool sessions. I learned Skype and started a LinkedIn profile. We wrapped with a vision session and a brainstorm of tangible benefits. Here's our vision of what OB will look like in 5 years with these new globally focused technologies.
We needed an energizer about 3/4 of the way through the day!

After the session we went to China Town for dinner and sight seeing.

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  1. HOW EXCITING, HANS! Sounds like you are taking away great skills and concepts. I love being able to read this blog about your experience. Thanks for your efforts in reflecting and reporting. We are thinking about you!