January 9, 2008

Passport is on the way

I just got the email that my new passport shipped today and I should have it tomorrow! It was kind of a weird thing to buy a plane ticket without a valid passport. I went with one of these ultra fast, we can get you your passport in a day places.

I was talking with my friend Joe about this and he scoffed (being the biggest world traveler that I know, meaning he travels a lot, though he is a big guy too) claiming these types were scam artists. "Just take your plane ticket down to Boston to the consulate and you'll have your passport that same day," he says. Exactly my point - I'm going to freaking Singapore on a week's notice sure I have time to go to Boston and wrangle with this. Well he's probably true, I could have saved myself some money, but in this case I'm happy to trade time for money.

After having a passport for years I unwisely let it lapse. I guess it didn't look like I was going to be doing much traveling for a while what with kids and work and all. Little did I know I would wanting to go to Singapore, duh!

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