November 28, 2007

PSU students shadow tower programs

I had the great opportunity to teach a Challenge Course Fundamentals class last year at Plymouth State University. Although I didn't teach the course this fall I did stay in touch with Amy who did.

She had students shadowing ropes course programs as a part of the class. I thought this was a great idea because it filled two big goals of education. Not only did students see how programs operated in different locations, but they also met practitioners valuable for future networking.

For three of the community service Saturdays we had PSU students visiting our adventure clinic. Amy was kind enough to send along some of the reflective essays from her students and I would like to share some of their thoughts with you here.

"From the very first people were welcoming and I was introduced. From there it was down to business, the kids went right ahead and started getting the challenge course ready for it's first visitors. Even though this was only their second day of using the course . . . . they set up belays efficiently and correctly."

"The students of the high school did most of the facilitating with Hans just helping where needed. They put on this program for the local public schools and anyone that wants to can come. Things ran really smoothly and everyone knew what their job was."

"I got to see how a program actually runs. I liked how the students had to set everything up and work with the little kids first hand one on one. Working with the little kids showed me how fulfilling this job really is just by seeing the smiling faces on the little kids."

It was great to have the students visit us on the mountain and great for me to give back to a field that has given me so much - I look forward to future collaborations!

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