March 15, 2007

Win some, loose some

Over the last few weeks we've been on a bit of a roller coaster here on Burleigh Mountain. Hang on, before the rumor mill starts on that one, let me clarify that we're not planning on building a roller coaster on Burleigh. Just kidding - the rumor mill isn't that extreme!

We're on the tail end of the strategic planning process for the next five years at NHS. We've invested a lot of time and energy into what I think is a really cool plan for our little part of the school! Stay tuned for more on that once public documents start rolling out. Furthermore we've been working with a pretty exciting consultant who I've enjoyed.

On the other hand I've had the feeling that other things haven't gone so well. Plans for a staff celebration on the mountain got nixed pretty hard and we fought tooth and nail for the maple sugaring feasibility study.

On the one hand we're in the Hamptonia and jockeying for news paper coverage, on the other hand the gear room re-build probably won't go foward as planned. On the other hand we'll probably just do that ourselves.

So all in all I feel pretty philosophical about our little 'wins' and 'losses' if you can call them that. More like a renewed realization that we're a small and incredibly complex organization. I hate politics but maybe I need to just call it something different, like program advocacy or communication. When I choose to look at it in this light, I can take clear steps to move forward rather than feel frustrated so that's how I'm going to come at it!

I'm reminded of these two posts from a while back about building support for a program.

Hey y'all, let's go get 'em.

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