March 10, 2007

Taps are in!

Dave was able to tap for the first time yesterday! Sorry I don't have any pictures, I was too busy running around with Olivia to take any today. But we did collect a little sap though the temps didn't rise much above freezing today.

Right now the taps are just around Caswell and are pretty out of the way. We are keeping the taps out of sight as much as possible since we've been asked to minimize the visual impact of the project.

The funny thing is that we might also get a newspaper article written about the project for the Concord Monitor. We're holding off on tapping the trees by Russell until we can get some students involved and a photographer from the Monitor up. So wait, which is it - is it visually unattractive, or photoworthy? Funny! I want to really thank Peter for his work on this already and on the upcoming article in the Hamptonia on the JUA!

Eric B. is interested in the project next year for his SLP so we're hoping he can help tap some trees when the photographer from the Monitor comes out.

Weather for the next few days look good for us, cold nights and warm days. Perfect! Stay tuned for more updates and pics.

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