February 11, 2007

Back country crags for download

I'm going through my old archives and poking around to see if anything might be interesting to post for download on the NHS Educator Resources page. The topic is hidden rock climbing areas. Now I realize that this could be a sensitive topic, giving away someone's secret crag or something, but I'll take the risk. I already gave away all my swimming holes so after this I've got no more goodies!

Ted is even more facinated by finding a gem of a back country crag than I am so I won't tell you the project he's working on. In fact I got started climbing at a crag that had a 1-2 mile bushwack approach that only recently has earned a developed trail and access issues. Sweet bush crags are out there still for sure, just think about our own Indian Rocks as an example of a crag that has been 'found' more than once!

A few years ago I had been scheduled for some rock climbing days with Outward Bound and due to course changes the dates weren't going to work. So instead I bushwacked around and scouted some back country slabs and crags looking for a good rock site.

The new downloads, "Webster Slide" and "Eagle Hollow" represent the fruits of those labors. Though I should note that I wasn't the first by far to scount Eagle Hollow as you can see from the Dartmouth Outing Club site.

The final file is a rough topo of a highly popular institutional rock climbing site in Lyme. I think there is still some new route potential there.


  1. Ever heard of this place?Rattlesnake Ledges, it is a
    little local know ledge in the woods of Goffstown, NH. There is about 8 or 9 bolted routes. The climbs rate between 5.7+ to 5.11ish. That is about all I know. There are a lot of porcupine's in the area so I don't know if you would want to bring your dogs.

  2. I would love to check this one out some day! Thanks Colleen!