November 30, 2006

Travelers on the Mountain Bike Trail

Last night Daisy was going crazy so I quit work early and took her for a walk on Burleigh.

Normally if I take her to the mountain she takes off and won't come back for a couple of hours, but if we go on a hike then she'll stay with me. So I decided to hike the mountain bike trail.

I love hiking with Daisy because she loves it so much, she just runs and runs and runs. Then she'll stop dead on a full sprint and sniff something or dig something or tuck one paw and point.

I feel like if I could emulate her in some way in my life - her enthusiasm, energy and excitement - my life would be richer.

Along the way I found 5 1/2 inch moose tracks that followed the trail for quite a distance. Even accounting for some exageration of track size due to the mud that would make it a prime bull according to the state of Maine website. I suppose they ought to know.

As it was getting darker I followed the mountain bike tracks until the ropes course and Rick came out of the fog.

Daisy was covered in mud from head to toe and happy as could be when we headed home.

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