October 17, 2006

FOLIAGE DAY!!! (finally..)

So the long-anticipated Foliage Day finally arrived on Monday. Each year, NHS takes a day off to go up to Burleigh, have a cookout, compete as classes, and admire the beautiful views.

The '06 Foliage Day was similar to others with the exception that we ran three class competitions instead of just one. The cookout was awesome with food and the cooking provided by the food service staff. Students in the music program, along with music teachers, Dave Gagne and Jeremy Mathison provided the music.

As for the competitions,we did the usual hike to the top of the ski slope, a $100 prize, added hiking to the top of the mountain via the newly cut trail (thanks Russ Brummer) for $200, and climbing the tower, for $100, to the list.

It was a beautiful day! Perfect even.

Here are some more photos:

Students on the Alpine Tower

Alle Karol and Dave Gagne singing a tune together.

The Edwards crusing up the ski slope! Lookin' Good!

Mr. Duval... Want a Cookie?

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  1. Sweet pics - that's a great one with all the people around the yurts.

    Thanks for getting this post up!

    It was an awesome day :)