August 6, 2006

Hey Dave and Russ, what do you think?

Hey Dave, we talked about this a little bit the other night but let's think about this. I mean how cool would it be if we trained our students to do science & nature programs for local school children using the Forest for Every Classroom materials and curricula that you developed?

If we get the ski hill in place where we can drive the 'hog on it a couple of weeks a year and keep it where we like it then that opens up so much time for other projects.

Also - over at the NHS idea sharing website we were talking about creating experiential projects that other teachers could tap into. What about a maple sugaring unit? Maybe we should do it off from the maples on campus and create some curriculum hooks into other departments?

History: agricultural history of New Hampshire
Science: disolved solids, boiling point variations, tree identification, tree functions & parts
English: Robert Frost and nature poets
Arts: Local artist (name?) who did woodcuts of typical New England scenes including sugaring, documentary photography, web articles
Math: economics of sugaring

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