August 23, 2006

Foliage Day to stay on Burleigh

Heard an interesting story from Victor I thought I'd pass along. He and I ran into each other in the gym while I was getting some things out of the gear room. He grabbed me to ask about doing a winter hike with some day students this year (sounds good - let's do it!)

He also told me that some folks in adminstration were talking about making Foliage day into more of a hike with students tackling peaks in the White Mountains instead of day hiking to Burleigh from campus. Although we've been going to Burleigh for the last few years in the past it was more of a mountain experience with folks hiking bigger peaks.

It seems that some students talked about it and put in their feeling that they liked it on Burleigh and that they felt it should be kept that way. It seems like that's the way the day is going to go - so thanks to students we're going to continue to bring the whole school to Burleigh once a year!

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