July 25, 2006

Starting Summer Projects

Jon and Dave were on the hill last week working on some much needed projects.

First of all I have to say it was really fun to have both of them around and working on the mountain. Jon came up from Mass. to work hard for the week - I really appreciate it - and it was good for me to not be in the tutor / student relationship for a while. Maybe it's silly but when I'm in that space it's hard for me to be different. I could relax a bunch and work with him more than a teaching dynamic. We laughed ourselves silly looking at some great short video's my friend Franz had showed me earlier in the week.

Jon and Dave made big progress on a couple of projects. Here are some pictures I took in the middle of last week.
Look, Kelsey - railings on the top bunks.Here's the hill getting cleared.
And Jon and Dave's information kiosk. No information on it yet - but it's ready to go!A permanent solution to the perenial blowing off of the plastic roof sections. Note the caulk gun hanging from the chimney hole. One day we're going to have to take the yurts down. But for now they work well enough.


  1. Tom Crocker9:13 PM

    Hey guys,
    I hiked up Burleigh this past Sunday with my dog Molly and couldn't get over the improvements that have been made. The bulletin board at the base and the ski trail both look awesome. I hiked up the newly cut path towards the summit and followed the yellow markers to the old lift station. Where do you go from there to get to the summit? Molly and I looked around but couldn't see any more trail markers and I didn't want to wander off the path too far. On the way back down we heard some loud crunches in the distance so we sat on a rock quietly until they went away. If you guys ever need an extra hand feel free to give me a call and ask, I'd be more than willing. Keep up the hard work. Everything looks great. -Tom

  2. Thanks for posting! I'm happy you enjoyed the hike and noticed the improvements :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if you heard a moose - there are quite a few.

    The trail should continue up to the summit - but I couldn't find it either - stay tuned for more updates when the trail is completed.

  3. Tom Crocker11:21 PM

    Molly and I will go up again soon to explore a little more and hopefully find the summit. i guess it cant be hard to find...just keep going up. see you around.