March 30, 2006

Sophomore Expedition Staff Training

Sophomore Expedition season is here! Our teachers who help lead the expedition spent the day on Wednesday in staff training. We covered theory, methods, models and hard skills.

This year we particularly focused on hypothermia recognition and treatment, risk assessment and how to use our new tents and stoves.

In this picture Jason, Jayne and Ted are trying to decide how to work with an injured student in the field. By learning how to recognize when the potential for accidents exists we hope to be able to avoid situations where our students become injured.

Deciding when to contact the course director and request additional resources, a modified route plan or other input is an important part of leading young people in the field. Darren, David and Jason struggle with gray areas and make a solid plan to keep kids safe.
Stove lighting, safety and maintenance can best be learned experientially - hands on with our new gear. Hotter, more consistent stoves will lead to warmer bellies and ultimately happier students. Peter, Laurel, Darren and Betsy work on our new XGK's from Mountain Safety Research.

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