December 19, 2005


Dave rallied a crew of boys from Draper to get on the hill the other night and do some sledding before break! I even got Brendan from Dow and a visiting female to come to - what's with the gangsta' thing Catherine?

It was awesome! There wasn't quite enough snow however so a few stumps were sticking up just below the surface of the powder. This didn't cause any injuries but a little bit of sled damage as you can see in this picture.

Dave even talked Pappy into getting onto the tabogan with him (don't tell Coach A.!) resulting in an epic ride!

I've been telling visiting families for two years that we never have a snow day but Friday proved me wrong! We probably have a good foot on the ground now. This will be a good base for future trips to the mountain!

Thanks Dave for rallying the boys and your infectious energy!

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  1. Han the only thing better looking then you is wecky in his helmet