December 19, 2005

Fall Log Book Wrap Up

Haven't had time to write in ages. Junior Urban Adventure was taking up all my time. That went really well though and so I'm able to think about Burleigh again. Here are a few last entries from the log book from students:

10/15/05 Today we continued the burning of branches up on Burleigh hill. Today we burned 3 large burn fires rather than the 1 we burned last week. It's still raining or in other words God is still crying over the Red Sox. Well next week I picked Hans [Seth has the nickname of 'Hans' which can be kind of confusing sometimes! -HM] for writing in the book and time keeper will be Pat, Jimbo will be the foreman.

10/29/05 Today we helped clear a paintball course while the others dragged brush and stacked wood. Kirsten and Alex installed a new window in the upper yurt. I think all in all the day was successful.

1/30/05 Bring a lot of big jackets and a temperpedic thing to sleep on. Watch out for the smoke - it burns! Climb the Alpine Tower! "Charles wants it to snow like this much." Yurt time is boring! If it is windy bring a lot of warm clothes, also don't be afraid to climb to the top.

11/5/05 Gary climbed the Alpine Tower age 4 years 1 month.

11/5/05 Today we did some good work. We started moving burnt wood into the woods, then we made piles of wood for bon fires. The weather couldn't have been better, it was cloudy at first, but it became sunny and warm later on in the day. Everyone did their job, it was a good day for our community service. (Mr. Swanson's birthday!)

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