November 2, 2005

Second Freshman Weekend

We had the second freshman weekend last week. The weather was finally not raining! All of our camp wood was pretty soaked though, so it was a smokey fire that we sat around for our discussions. I have to thank Dave and Katka for their big hearts and hard work this weekend. They both do double duty in the dorms, weekend duties and everything else and are still excited and positive to go camping with our students. For me that's the double bind of going out on these trips - I love it and get so much back from it and they are a lot of work!

I think the freshmen feel that too - we had a good time at one point last weekend griping about all the homework, studying, laundry etc. we all had to do when we got back from the trip. Our students do so much - I wonder if sometimes they realize how effective they are! They manage to play, study, do their homework and then come on an intense weekend trip too!

So as we're looking forward to the last trip of the fall I would like to honor the great work of our students and the staff who work with them on Burleigh!

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  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I enjoyed reading your entries. My son is a graduate and it is interesting to learn about the activities on Burleigh.
    Fern Culhane