February 14, 2008

SophX in the Himalayas?

Well, we're starting to get ready for the sophomore expedition. Our intern is starting tomorrow and Ilana will be working with him to get the ball rolling. When I was in Singapore I had some old SophX stuff and was spreading it around to some new friends. Avinash from Outward Bound Bharat in India was on a recon in the Himalaya and sent along some amazing pictures. In the picture above you can see a sophomore expedition shirt peaking out from behind his vest.

He and I are starting to talk about ways to get our kids over there to do an OB program in those beautiful mountains. This picture was taken in the Garhwal Himalaya region which Avinash was checking out for a camp.

Now that would be pretty sweet to spend some time with this great educator in this amazing mountain range.

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