January 11, 2008

The last 10%

A former colleague of mine Miles told me once that the last 10% of any project takes 90% of the work. That seems to be the case for Wikifest. In this case, the work isn't so much the actual conference as it is taking care of everything else on this end with work before I go!

Two big projects that launched today were the summer web page at NHS and the online registration information system behind it. Then there is some board information that keeps dragging on, and the wrap up from the JUA that thankfully Ilana is taking care of. Thank you Ilana!

But I did find a small suitcase I can use for the plane and not check anything which seems wise. Note: if you are traveling overseas TSA requires that you put all your toiletries into a quart size plastic bag and you can't have anything larger than 3oz! Do these people travel? Have they ever put toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream, gel, shampoo, soap and sun screen into a quart bag? I don't really think I need a lot of items in this department, but that's pretty hard to do!

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