January 20, 2008

Back Home & Outline for Reflection

Back home at last! Above is a picture of Harmony and Symphony, the two OBS boats that run from Singapore mainland to the island base. Although I'm completely beat I logged into Skype and found a couple of folks online, one in Colorado and the other in Indonesia. How cool is that.

I worked on the ride home both on the video reflection, but also on my own personal reflection on take aways. So here's an outline of things I'll be posting on as I have a chance.

  1. Web 2.0 trends that relate to experiential learning and education
  2. Decision making around personal and institutional engagement with social networks
  3. Understanding goals and ROI of engagement
  4. Institutional risk assessment of engagement vs. no engagement
  5. Social networking roles
  6. Digital divide
  7. Direct transfer to EL and traditional classrooms
  8. My to do's
Here's a picture I took of one little part of the wiki that I'd like to help work on.

Great to be home - missing everyone from Singapore too!

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