December 19, 2007

BurleighMt YouTube channel top 15 today!

Okay I won't lie, I'm pretty excited this morning. I just got back from the Junior Urban Adventure and this morning I check into YouTube and find out we've made the top 15 viewed channels today in the non-profit category!

I'm so excited that you all like the videos and enjoy watching them enough for this! Thank you very much!

There have been a couple of videos I've really enjoyed making so it's particularly fun when you all have enjoyed them as well. Two of my personal favorites are the Chicken Bowl 1.5 and the Bad Mountain Movie (even though that's not strictly about work, it's still pretty funny).

I'm most proud and excited about the Education is Linear? teaser for this year's JUA. It's had more than 800 views and is a succinct statement about my views on experiential learning.

So thank you very much for your views, your subscriptions and your interest! Visit our YouTube channel here - or click the big YouTube button to the right!


  1. Congrats. I just watched the education is linear video - excellent.

  2. Thanks - I appreciate the comment!

  3. How did you find us?