April 1, 2007

Mountain Lion Sighting!

This is a pretty exciting post to write - especially since I was going to write about the Chicken Bowl today. But it turned out we couldn't hold the ropes course gathering and competition due to an unusual sighting early this morning.

I went up to set up the tower to set up and saw what I thought was a person climbing on the tower. I was pretty upset until it jumped down (15 feet) and across the stream (20 feet) to dash into the woods. I'm pretty sure after looking at the tracks that it was a Mountain Lion! There was a sighting of one of these large cats not far from here - strange since most biologists claim the species vanished from the area in the 1800's. But I guess we have more evidence now!

Here's a picture of about how high it was when it jumped. Note: this picture wasn't from today, I'm posting it just to give you a sense of how high up it was.I did have my camera out though and I got this picture of it crossing the stream by the A-Frame, if you look closely you can see it in the center right of the frame.So needless to say we didn't hold the Chicken Bowl, it seemed a little too dangerous given the events of the morning.

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