February 6, 2007

Educator Resources for Download

We've just added a new function to the Adventure Ed section of the NHS website. There's now a section where we can post and share files for download. I'm hoping to grow this as a place to share the activities, curricula and ideas that we have created over the years.

To get things started I've posted four documents.

Classic Activities is a list of old stand by's that we've re-written or modified or just re-copied into hand out form.

Name Games & Energizers are just that, short, quick, fun and interactive.

NHS Original Activities are some of the more creative activities we've come up with over the years. If we didn't completely create them we adapted something far enough that I think it's pretty much original content. Many thanks to Dave and Adam for their work in many of these activities.

Dimensions of Success is a graphic organizer that fits with one of the debriefing tools mentioned in the classics download.

Enjoy! If anyone has any activities they'd like to share send them along and I'll set them up for download.

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