January 18, 2007

Boots, Hoofs & Paws

I went up to the mountain yesterday on a crystal clear and bone chilling hike to the summit. Here's a shot from the ski hill of Cannon, Franconia Notch and Liberty. You can see the steam from the power plant in Ashland in the foreground.

I took Daisy with me and she was extremely excited to be going up. She starts to realize where we are going somewhere around the turn up Gordon Hill road. After a few minutes she just put her head on the dash, stared out the wind shield and whined. She was pretty excited to get there.I should mention that I had to go up this afternoon since we're expecting some more snow tomorow. The other day I had gone up with Olivia and she wanted to go in the backpack. She promptly fell asleep and I was able to hike to the lift shack with her and back. Unfortunately when we returned to the car we noticed one of her boots had fallen off in the snow. She found this pretty hilarious, but I don't think it would have been that funny if the boot had been lost until spring. It was a new pair of boots that Dave and Caren had picked up for her.

So I found the boot - and discovered that there were no tracks on the road in since the snow - there isn't enough for snow machines even. So it's been a pretty quiet season for the mountain. Quiet for people that is. There were many animal tracks including this moose that crossed the ski hill sometime in the last few days.

On the way back down the ski trail I called Adam - it was so beautiful and I was thinking of the programs we ran up on Burleigh over the years he was at NHS. He had just returned from a wilderness creative writing class he was leading at Prescott College. We're going to try and connect more soon so I can find out more details.

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  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Nice photo of the mountains there. I look forward to the day when I can come do a winter hike up Burleigh with you and Olive, it will happen someday! Vonk.