October 22, 2006

Parents' Weekend Hike

We had another special event this week after foliage day: Parents Weekend. For the first time we offered a hike to parents and students. Although we had about 30 people signed up the chilly morning scared some people away I think.

We had a huge wind and rain storm the night before as well. So I was quite curious to see how many parents would come on the hike and how things would look on the mountain!

It turned out only Don from our dorm and his family decided to come on the hike. They were delightful to have on the mountain! Don of course had already been a few times and was quite the tour guide and even brought his new mountain bike along which he rode all the way down Gordon Hill Road.

Here is Don and his family.
The view was breath taking and rapidly changing as the wind blew the clouds across the peaks in Franconia Notch.

It turns out Don's mom had climbed an Alpine Tower in California so we chatted about that as the gentlemen scouted the trail to the summit.

Later on we surveyed the damage to the yurts. Amazingly the roof panels all remained attached but the side walls and rafters took a hit on the lower yurt.The upper yurt was fine - completely untouched.

It was a great hike and real fun to share it with Don's family. I hope they'll come back for a hike again - and maybe we can talk more parents into coming up!

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