April 11, 2006

Spring Community Service

We had our first community service saturday last week. We're running two groups on Burleigh Mountain these days. Dave has a crew of students working to clear the ski hill and keep up our facility. I'm running an adventure clinic to open the Alpine Tower to local children.
Going forward I'd like to have our students write up these posts - so stay tuned for that. For now here are some pictures from Saturday. Looks like the Burleigh crew was stacking those burn piles up so we can have another bon fire. They also stacked some wood that Brendan had been splitting earlier in the month.
Our students did a great job working with the little guys and gals on the Alpine Tower. Dan has a quiet but sure voice that has an impact on the kids he works with.

They even seemed to be having fun at the same time! Gunnar is always singing - or something. Megan and Olivia managed to not get in many pictures - we'll have to do better next time!

Just how strong is this rope anyway? I ask this at every program - one little boy answered with what must have seemed like an impossibly high number for him, "what about 200 pounds."

What really impressed me this week was how many folks came - we had about 12 participants turn out. Some folks who have been with us from the beginning and new folks as well.

The Burleigh crew had a good start to their work for the season too. Stay tuned for more from them in their own words.

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