December 28, 2005

Chance Meeting!

I was hiking on Burleigh today with Daisy when I ran into Dave and Caren with their daughter and two friends from Princeton ("We're not from New Jersey - we just go to school there").

I had been hiking way up on the hill above where we've stopped clearing. I could clearly see where the trail had gone - man there was some serious drops up on that part of the trail! But I'm not sure how you got up there since the rope tow seems to have stopped much lower. Lots of moose tracks back in there too.

Elaine (from MA, studying in NJ) took some pics - if they turn out I'll post them. We did some great sledding - fast ride! The snow was pretty packed except in the water bars where it was drifted powder - so you'd be cruising along way too fast on top of the snow and then *poof* you'd plow into this huge drift and the sled would shoot out. Actually the conditions could be good for skiing - crusty but not icy with a dusting of snow on top.

It was great to run into them up on the mountain! We were talking about a family and friends day - maybe we should do one in the winter and one in the summer? What do you think?

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