September 1, 2005

Burleigh Mountain Blog!

Greetings! I hope to make this a spot to share information and encourage interest in Burleigh Mountain. Burleigh Mountain is owned by the New Hampton School - a private co-ed 9-PG boarding school in central New Hampshire. Burleigh is our adventure center, camping spot and ski hill from the old days.

I hope to post pictures, articles, student work and links here for folks interested in what is going on up on the mountain!


  1. I graduated from New Hampton School in 1976. The Ski Slope was in full swing at that time and I have many great memories of skiing there. I was from Richmond Va. so I had no place to learn how to ski at home. The school offered skiing as a PhysEd activity which was great except that you were required to ski in many days when the conditions were bad.. The hill didn't have an area flat enough to really teach skiing and the school didn't teach skiing so I learned to ski (poorly) on the intermediate slope by myself. I remember being somewhat embarrassed because I was one of the few students who didn't grow up on skies and yet stubborn enough to give it a shot. The school rule was that you could ride the bus up and ski back to the school when you get tired or ride the bus back. I was really exciting for me as a new skier to ski through the woods and across the fields; back to the school.

  2. Awesome to hear old stories about the days when Burleigh up and running! I would love to have experienced the ride down Gorden Hill Rd. and through the woods back to school.

    Good for you for being stuborn and sticking it out!