March 7, 2008

Hi everyone. I have good news... all of the Halo 4 Tents have been checked! There are only a few minor repairs necessary and they'll be ready to go on the Sophomore Expedition. I was really impressed with the tent's design while I was checking them. For example, you know those times you zip-up your zipper too quickly and you snag a bit of fabric and then the zipper is stuck there for three days? When that happens to the zipper on the Halo 4, the fabric easily comes out. Also there are some pretty cool vents on the side of the tent that can either be closed via Velcro or opened using a small plastic rod that has Velcro on the end of it. Check it out:

The tent itself is pretty cool too. Its big and roomy and can be broken down into multiple parts so many people can help carry it, instead of just one person. Below is a picture of the tent with its rain fly, and below that is a picture of the tent without its rainfly (notice the golden pole going around the top of it? That's the "Halo" and it keeps the rainfly away from the netting.

Obviously, I am excited about recently learning how to put pictures from my phone on the computer. But whats even more exciting is that, since last week, the Patriots signed Randy Moss and Jabar Gaffney to deals; I told you I would keep you updated.

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